Carved and Cast Workshop

With no beginning or end. Time to love and learn while making your dream wedding ring.

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The lost wax process is seen and used all over the world, and has been for thousands of years. The wedding ring is just one example of the cherished, traditional pieces of jewelry that can result from the lost wax process. I love the idea of a cast ring and how there are no joints or breaks in the metal. A continuous curved line that represents eternity.


As you work with me, you will learn the process to carve wax into rings, and then cast those wax rings into precious metal. This will be a hands on experience where I will help you make one of a kind rings. I love facilitating the desire to learn, work, and accomplish goals together. We will take  time to talk about your work and lifestyle to determine the best design for you. The end result will be a one of a kind ring like no other because you are the one making your partner's ring. This one piece of jewelry will be the beautiful reminder that you wear every day. The time spent creating a symbol of commitment and the everlasting love you both share.

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